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Clear Ballistics

Clear Ballistics 10% Air Rifle Block (9x4x4)


x1 - Block of ballistic gelatin (9L X 4W x 4H) – which is wrapped
x1- Box holding the ballistic gelatin
x1 -Set melting instructions per order

Our Ballistic Gelatin Air Rifle Block is perfect for all lethal and non-lethal hobby weapons, and commercial-grade air guns. The Air Rifle Block is the perfect size for testing the flight and penetration of projectiles for all of your non-lethal hobby weapons, and all commercial grade air guns.

The Ballistic Gelatin Air Rifle Block size is tailored for all types of air rifles, air pistols, bb guns, pellet guns, all spring powered weapons, all battery powered weapons, and all types of hybrid weapons that shoot metallic and non-metallic projectiles where penetration will be less than 9 inches in depth. The Ballistic Gelatin Air Rifle Block has 16 square inch shooting face. The Ballistic Gelatin Air Rifle Block is a perfect tool for competition and enthusiast air gun operators. This ballistic gelatin shows the flight patterns of metallic and non-metallic projectiles. Armed with this knowledge, you will gain the competitive edge!

Technical Specs:
Size: 9 inches in length, 4 inches in width, and 4 inches in height (9L X 4W x 4H)
Weight: 4.2 lbs
Volume: 144 Cubic Inches / 2.5 US quarts
Size remoldable by Air Rifle Mold


About Our Ballisitics Gelatin

Clear Ballistics's ballistic gelatin is a modern day ballistic gelatin, is 100% synthetic, and contains no organic materials. It has taken the place of conventional ballistic gelatin, which is 100% organic, and completely temperature unstable. It is 100% clear as glass, odorless, reusable, temperatures stable (temperatures up to 240F), and mimics human tissue 100%. It is non-toxic. Our ballistic gelatin is mold able into any shape. Our ballistic gelatin does not mold or rot. Our ballistic gelatin does not require special storage. Our entire ballistic gelatin process is batch controlled. Clear Ballistics does calibration on the gelatin with each batch, and we following the FBI protocol for ballistics testing developed for ballistic testing of human tissue.

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