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About Clear Ballistics Ballistics Gelatin

Our ballistic gelatin is synthetic, clear as glass, completely reusable, and is ready to use upon arrival (finished products only). Our ballistic gelatin’s primary use is for testing ammunition. However, since our ballistic gelatin matches human tissue, many industries within the medical community are using our ballistic gelatin for a diverse array of uses.  Our ballistic gelatin is a complete replacement for the traditional ballistic gelatin made from gelatin powder. Our ballistic gelatin contains no gelatin powder or water.  

For preforming terminal ballistic testing, our ballistic gelatin provides unmatched terminal ballistics data for all types of rifles, handguns, machine guns, muzzle loaders, air rifles and pistols, bows, and crossbows. We offer numerous sizes of our ballistic gelatin to accommodate every need. No matter the size or shape, it performs the same. We offer two different states of ballistic gelatin: finished and unfinished. All preformed sizes of our ballistic gelatin come in a finished state. In a finished state, the ballistic gelatin is nearly bubble-free and pre-calibrated to match human tissue. All of our ballistic gelatin requires no mixing! Unfinished ballistic gelatin is not bubble-free and is not calibrated to human tissue density. Calibration of unfinished ballistic gelatin is achieved by removing all bubbles from those products.

Our ballistic gelatin products are ready to use upon arrival at your location with two exceptions. Our “By the Pound” gelatin and samples are not ready to use upon arrival. All of our ballistic gelatin products are wrapped in high-strength cellophane and placed in sturdy cardboard packaging. In each order, you will receive a tie-down cord, one set of instructions for reuse, a statement letter, company policies and a copy of your invoice.

Clear Ballistics's Ballistic Gelatin Calibration

We follow the FBI Protocol for calibrating ballistic gelatin developed in 1988. This protocol is as follows: “firing a standard .177 caliber (4.5 mm) steel BB from an air gun over a chronograph at 590 feet per second (fps), plus or minus 15 fps into the ballistic gelatin. The penetration of the steel BB must result in 8.5 centimeters (cm), plus or minus 1 cm, penetration (2.95 inches to 3.74 inches.) The steel BB must penetrate within that range to pass as ballistic gelatin.” All of our ballistic gelatin in its finished state passes this protocol 100%.



All of our molds are 22 to 20 gauged galvanized steel. See each product for specific details. All edges of the mold are rolled for stability and safety all corners are welded for strength, and the inner corners are round with high temperature silicon, which is heat resistant to 5000F. Each mold is brushed on the exterior with high-speed steel brush and has one-inch handles to provide strength and ease of transport even if you are wearing protective gear.

Dummies & Heads

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Custom Products

We offer custom size ballistic gelatin and mold for all needs. There is no job to small or to large!

Pre-Formed Ballistic Gelatin Sizes

Our ballistic gelatin comes in many standard sizes. Our most popular size is our Ballistic Gelatin FBI Block size. Our current standard sizes are, Ballistic Gelatin Air Gun block, FBI block, Sniper block, Bow block, Full Swat block, and Half Swat Block. The bellow list is ordered from smallest to largest size.

Standard Measurements

  • Ballistic Gelatin Air Gun block size -4H X 4W X 9L in inches
  • Ballistic Gelatin FBI block size - 6H X 6W X 16L inches
  • Ballistic Gelatin Sniper Block size - two FBI Blocks end to end total size 6H X 6W X 32L inches
  • Ballistic Gelatin Bow block size - 6H X 12W X 14L inches
  • Ballistic Gelatin Half Swat Block size - 6H X 16W X 19L inches
  • Ballistic Gelatin Full Swat Block size - 9H X 16W X 19L inches

Current FBI Penetration Testing

The FBI preforms six types of penetration test on every cartridge.  Clear Ballistics's Ballistic Gelatin can be used for all six test.  All test are preformed from 10 feet from the muzzle to the front of the gelatin block.  Test three thru six utilize a light clothing which is the cotton t-shirt and dress shirt material in addition to other intermediate barriers. 

Test One - Bare Gelatin:   Just Gelatin

Test Two - Heavy Clothing: The gelatin block is covered with four layers of clothing:

  • one layer of cotton t-shirt material (approximately 5.25 ounces per yard, 48 threads per inch)
  • one layer of cotton shirt material (approximately 3.5 ounces per yard, 80 threads per inch)
  • one layer of Malden Mills Polartec 200 fleece
  • one layer of cotton denim (approximately 14.4 ounces per yard, 50 threads per inch).

The block is shot at ten (10) feet, measured from the muzzle to the front of the block.

Test Three - Steel:  Two pieces of 20 gauge, hot-rolled steel with a galvanized finish are set three inches apart.  The clothing covered gelatine block is placed 18 inches behind the rear most piece of steel. This test event simulates the weakest part of a car door.

Test Four - Wallboard:  Two pieces of ½ inch standard gypsum board are set 3.5 inches apart. The gelatine block is placed 18 inches behind the rear most piece of gypsum. This test event simulates a typical building interior wall.

Test Five - Plywood:  One piece of 3/4 inch "AA" fir plywood is set 18" in front of the gelatine block. This test event simulates the resistance of typical wooden doors or construction timbers.

Test Six - Automobile Glass:  One piece (15" X 18") of A.S.I. 1/4 inch laminated automobile safety glass is set at an angle of 45˚ to the horizontal and 15˚ to the side, resulting in a compound angle. The gelatine block is placed 18 inches behind the glass. This test event simulates a shot taken at the driver of a car from the left front quarter of the vehicle.