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Clear Ballistics

Clear Ballistics Bow Block Mold - 14L x 12W x 7H

This mold is used to form ballistic gelatin to the Bow Block sized. Clear Ballistics manufactures this ballistic gelatin mold. The size of this mold is 14 inches in length, 12 inches in width, and is 7 inches in height (14L X 12 W X 7H). The height of mold is one inch taller to give lead way while pouring liquid ballistic gelatin to prevent spillage. This mold will hold 31lbs of ballistic gelatin. All molds are 20 gauge galvanized steel. All edges of the mold are rolled for stability and safety. All corners are weld for strength. The inner corners are round with high temperature silicon, which is heat resistant to 500F. Each mold is brushed on the exterior with high speed steel brush. Each mold has one-inch handles to provide strength and ease of transport while wearing protective gear.

<b>Technical Specs</b>
Size: 14 inches in length, 12 inches in width, and 7 inches in height (14L X 12W x 7H)
Total volume: 1176 Cubic Inches / 20.36 US quarts / 5.1 US gals
Volume for ballistic gelatin: 1008 Cubic inches / 31.5lbs of ballistic gelatin to fill
22 guage galvanized steel
Brushed steel exterior
Welded corners
Rounded inside corners
1 inch handles
All exterior edges are hemmed for safety

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