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Clear Ballistics

Clear Ballistics 10% Gelatin Sniper Pack (2 - 16x6x6)

Our Ballistic Gelatin Sniper Pack consists of two of our FBI blocks (16x6x6) block of ballistic gel. The Sniper Pack of Gelatin is mostly used for all high power rifle or high velocity bullets testing. When it comes to testing a new sniper gun or a new bullet you can’t go wrong with our “Sniper Pack of gelatin”. Weighing in just less than 40 lbs. and measuring 6 inches wide, 6 inches tall and 32 inches long (two of the FBI Block put end to end). With each block being independent form one another you have the option of different configurations

<b>Technical Specs</b>
Size metric: 81.28 cm in length, 15.24 cm in width, and 15.24 cm in height 2 X (40.64L X 15.24W x 15.24H)

Weight: 35lbs /1632 kg
Volume standard: 1152 Cubic Inches / 79.8 cups / 19.9 US quarts / 5.0 US gals
Volume metric: 18878 cubic cm / 18.87 L / 4.15 imperial galsinstructions per orde

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